Scenario: Perform Automation Based on Device Enrollment in Microsoft Intune

Greetings, fellow systems management admins! I spend a lot of my time these days building solutions that tie together multiple products, especially integrations in and out of ServiceNow. So, given my bridged knowledge of Intune, ConfigMgr, and ServiceNow, I think this is a great scenario to share.

Here’s what I want to achieve (in feature form):

As an admin, I need to track Intune device enrollment in ServiceNow, so that I can perform hardware asset management in my enterprise.

There’s a lot more to hardware asset management, but having an authoritative source of information is critical, and that’s the focus of this series. In everything I do, a guiding principle is to remove any opportunity for humans to make an error. Don’t get me wrong, I love humans, but we’re bad at repetitive work. I would much rather hand off this monotonous, repetitive work to the machine so that I know it will be handled quickly and consistently (and probably have happier employees too).

Be forewarned! There are a lot of moving parts here, but we’re going to break them down into consumable chunks. If you have more efficient methods of achieving the same result, send me some info in the comments, and I’ll give you full credit!

The Design

We are going to build event-based process automation so that every time a device is enrolled in Intune, we launch automation to make updates in the ServiceNow Asset Management table. This automation must be event-based to scale to large environments.


Figure 1 – Devices enroll, and magic happens to create/update assets in ServiceNow.

So, as you can see from Figure 1, it’s all about the magic. There are several steps involved in that magic. Figure 2 gives you a better idea of the steps and technologies involved:

Device Enrollment Trigger Automation Flow

Figure 2 – Actions and Technologies Required for this scenario.

So that’s the high-level to the scenario. Join me over the next week or two as I step you through each of the processes mentioned above. As I post each blog, I’ll update the list below with a hyperlink to the post:

  1. Using Log Analytics to Generate Alerts for Each New Intune Device Enrollment
  2. Create a Webhook from Azure Alerts to a Logic App
  3. Processing an Azure Alert with a Logic App
  4. Updating ServiceNow with Hardware Asset Data using Logic Apps

And of course, device enrollment is only part of the asset management journey. We’ll walk through a separate series to launch automation based on device un-enrollment soon.

Stay tuned!


Surviving MMS 2019 at MoA Pro Tips – Greg’s Top 5

Last night, I responded to a tweet from Dan Olson about pro tips and I wanted to expand on that a bit here. mmsI love MMS—it truly is the best conference for me with outstanding speakers and fantastic networking opportunities, and I want to ensure each of you step out there and do everything possible to get the most out of this week. You’ve taken time away from your family, from work, possibly even invested your own money to attend, so PLEASE try to embrace some of these tips:

  1. Take care of yourself. Seriously. Eat, sleep, drink (water). Do your best to ensure you can wake up on time in the morning and be ready for the firehose. Each day is jam-packed. I love the networking at MMS, and it’s easy to burn yourself out. You are going to be very busy, and very tired by the end of the week. Think of this as a marathon and take care of your health.
  2. Be Present. It’s easy to try to multi-task the week and try to balance MMS, work, life, and networking. Trying to do all of these at once is the classic recipe for failure. Sometimes we must step away from the conference to take care of those other things, so do what you have to do and then get back and focus on learning and networking.
  3. Keep a notebook handy. Jot your questions, answers to those questions that you’ve learned, as well as networking leads and follow-up items. When I’m listening to our world-class presenters, I often think of new ideas or follow-up actions and need to write them down immediately. There are so many things going on this week, you can’t possibly keep all of them in your brain. So, jot them down and get them out of your brain so you can go back to #2 (Be Present).
  4. Network. This is huge, and alumni will tell you there are numerous opportunities at MMS. Of all the weeks of the year, step out of your comfort zone and meet new people this week. You will find just about everyone at MMS is ready to participate in a conversation. If you see a group of people talking, walk up and ask if you can join – I bet they will welcome you to the group. Here are some specific networking opportunities.
    • Welcome Reception – The sooner you introduce yourself, the more opportunity you will have to continue the conversation throughout the week. I promise you, if you don’t network at the welcome reception, you’ll wish you had later in the week. Bingo is also a great way to step out and meet new attendees too.
    • Per-Session Q&A – Our sessions are one hour and forty-five minutes – approximately one hour for presentation, and 45 minutes to have a conversation with the presenters, as well as fellow attendees. Take advantage of this time to share, learn, and network.
    • Lunch – If you see fellow geeks gathered for lunch, ask to join them. Or if you’re heading to lunch and see others on the way, invite them to come along. And if you’re a quick eater, take look at our Nerds of a Feather Sessions, and bring your list of questions and plan to share. We all have something to share and we all have more to learn, so check out our NoFs!
    • Evening Socials – There are many of them. “Beer” sessions each night, as well as vendor gatherings (just ask a vendor if they’re sponsoring anything), and many of us will end up at the Firelake Restaurant eventually each evening (please just walk up and join the conversation).
  5. Share. MMS always ask for your feedback via surveys, but we love seeing your feedback socially even more! It is great to see many of you post a daily review, take lots of pictures, post hot tips, share pictures, and more! Tag us on Twitter (@mmsmoa, #MMSMOA), Facebook, and send us a link to your blogs so we can help share your content to all of our followers too!

I hope you can apply a few of these tips this week, as well as share some of your own too!


P.S. If you’re not at MMS, and wishing you were, take a look at MMS Jazz Edition and register soon!