Fix for error in IIS log on MP – (bits_error:,501,0×80070005)

On one of my accounts, we found that hw/sw inventory seems to no longer update.

We found this error in IIS logs on the MP:


We also noticed that if you go to Server Manager, and open Roles->Web Server (IIS), and select Default Web Site (or the WSUS Administration site), then select BITS Uploads, and then Open Feature, you receive the following message:

“BITS server was unable to read from the IIS Meta-base as it is corrupt. The settings for this virtual Directory have been reset to the BITS defaults. Parameter count mismatch.”

I installed KB2587894, but the error still occurred.

Next, I decided to follow the wisdom of the myITforum and TechNet forums, and reinstall BITS on the server (restart required).  After reinstall, I confirmed that I can open the BITS properties on each web site, and then had to launch mp.msi to get the MP configured properly (the WSUS site seemed to be working OK).  All is well now – inventory is reprorting fine.


About Greg Ramsey
Greg Ramsey is a Distinguished Engineer for Dell Digital - Services. He has a B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from The Ohio State University and has co-authored many books over the years. Greg is also a board member of the Northwest System Center User Group and the Midwest Management Summit. ​Greg has been a Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr, Intune) MVP for over 14 years.

2 Responses to Fix for error in IIS log on MP – (bits_error:,501,0×80070005)

  1. Bernd W. says:

    Thanks Greg, also resolved my hardware inventory problem.

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