PowerShell and ConfigMgr – List ConfigMgr cmdlets

Now that you’ve learned how to prepare your environment, let’s view all the cmdlets that are currently available for ConfigMgr. From your PowerShell prompt (that already has the ConfigMgr module imported), type the following:

get-command -module ConfigurationManager | out-gridview

This will display all cmdlets in the ConfigurationManager module. As of this writing (ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Beta) there are 338 cmdlets. Here’s an example for how to get the current count:

get-command -module ConfigurationManager | measure-object

Notice the verb-noun pair for each cmdlet. By using this standard practice, Powershell enables you to 1) think, 2) type, 3) do. The goal is for the admin to use standard verbs to be able to easily leverage PowerShell with different products. (Review the approved verbs for Windows PowerShell). Type get-cm and then press [tab] multiple times to enumerate the ConfigMgr cmdlets. You can also type get-cmmanagementpoint and press [tab] multiple times to display all get commands for ConfigMgr Management Points.


About Greg Ramsey
Greg Ramsey is a Distinguished Engineer for Dell Digital - Services. He has a B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from The Ohio State University and has co-authored many books over the years. Greg is also a board member of the Northwest System Center User Group and the Midwest Management Summit. ​Greg has been a Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr, Intune) MVP for over 14 years.

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