Action-Packed CTSMUG meeting on February 5th – Registration is Open!

We have a great meeting planned for February 5th – register now!

Here are 3 days of System Center that you need to attend:

February 4thSystem Center Universe – You can register in person for attending in Dallas, or join us at the Microsoft office (in the arboretum) for the simulcast. We will have two rooms (one for each simulcast stream). Join us for lots of discussion, food, and swag. Take a look at the agenda.

February 5thCTSMUG February meeting, it will also be at the Microsoft office, and sponsored by SoftwareOne. (See our agenda below)

February 6thSAASMUG – Road Trip to San Antonio!  Featuring Wally Mead and Kent Agerlund!

Here’s our February 5th Agenda (we will be at Microsoft Austin Office):

10:00 – Understand the Enterprise mobility challenges today or get left behind – Kent Agerlund
11:15 – Service Management Automation – The path to the future Charles Joy
12:30 – Lunch – Sponsored by Software One
1:30 – OSD Tips and Tricks – Bill Moore
2:30 – Moderated Discussion – Donnie or Warren

Understand the Enterprise mobility challenges today or get left behind – According to a recent Gartner study more than 20% of all Enterprises will fail the attempt to implement a BYOD/CYOD solution. In this session we will cover how you can address the Enterprise Mobility challenges using System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. You learn about the new mobile device management features and how to manage Windows/iOS and Android devices via both System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune. You will learn how to setup the infrastructure needed, the new features, how to work with identity management, corporate data, and how to enroll and manage devices.

OSD Tips and Tricks – I/T professionals spend substantial time automating processes so that they have time to direct their attention to more important things. There are some processes however that will always be time consuming, like system imaging for example. In this session we will discuss an often overlooked Configuration Manager feature, prestaged media. Used not for OEM media, but as part of the daily support function. You will learn how to create and deploy multi-wim task sequences and standalone media, create generic PowerShell forms for managing OS deployment in a multi-wim configuration, and configure your images for rapid deployment. We will also discuss tips and tricks for using standalone media as a single mechanism to fine tuning your operating system deployment scripts.

Service Management Automation – The Path to the Future – Charles will discuss System Center Orchestrator, but focus on moving toward SMA, and give examples of how SMA should be used. SMA is a pretty new topic/app to most of us, and we all know we need to dive into it a bit further. This first session with Charles will help you understand better for where SMA will fit in your environment, and will demonstrate several scenarios and runbooks.

Book Exchange! – We introduced the concept at our December meeting. Do you have some old tech books that you no longer need, that may benefit someone else? Bring them to our next meeting, to give others the opportunity to take your old books (for free), and maybe you’ll find one in the pile that will help you too! (Please, if no one takes your book, take it home with you. Also, let’s keep it to tech–no romance novels please. .)




I’ll See You at the Midwest Management Summit!


Just in case you haven’t heard the news yet, my friends over at the Minnesota System Center User Group are sponsoring the inaugural Midwest Management Summit (MMS)!  This is going to be a great conference. Think old-school Microsoft Management Summit, remove the keynote, as well as the 100, 200, and most 300-level sessions. Oh yea, remove the marketing pitch too!

MMS 2014 will be a deep dive into the products you know and love – System Center 2012 (ConfigMgr, OpsMgr, SvcMgr, etc), Windows PowerShell, Service Management Automation.  These sessions are fresh, deep, and interactive.

Fresh – This is new content – not content that you’ve already viewed on Channel9, attended at Microsoft Official Curriculum courses, or anywhere else.

Deep – We’re talking as deep as 500 level stuff here (watch my blog for a few of my hot picks later this week).

Interactive – Have you ever heard of Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions? These were always very popular at MMS in previous years, and were often fully booked, and you were unable to attend. MMS 2014 has a BoF session for every single presentation. That’s right-for every session, you will see 60 minutes for presentation, and 50 minutes for BoF, Q&A, and interactive discussion.

Here’s a list of the sessions that I’ll be presenting (review full session list):

ConfigMgr Applications and PowerShell – In Depth – My friend Trevor Sullivan and I will take you “to the deep end” of using PowerShell to manage ConfigMgr Applications, end-to-end. We’ll discuss and demonstrate native cmdlets, as well as diving into WMI to handle things that are not yet supported by the cmdlets.

PowerShell and ConfigMgr – Most Requested Scenarios and Procedures – My friend Kaido Jarvmets and I will take you through the most-requested items from our blog posts, for leveraging PowerShell with ConfigMgr. Send me any special requests too!

PowerShell DSC vs. ConfigMgr Settings Management (Compliance Settings) – You’ve heard a lot about PowerShell DSC in the past year. How is it different than ConfigMgr Settings Managment? What’s the right tool for the job? In this session, I’ll dive into scenarios and advantages of one vs. the other.

Server OS Deployment Deep Dive (with ConfigMgr 2012 R2) – You’ve ‘mastered’ OS Deployment (let’s face it, we all have room to grow in this space – but regardless, you’re pretty good with OSD in deploying workstation operating systems). This session will dive into the scenarios and nuances of deploying Server OS. Managing server firmware and hardware, handling static IP addresses, safety precautions, and more.

In addition to the sessions I’m presenting, I’m also excited to sit down and learn from all the other brilliant speakers! Stay tuned – I’ll post some of my hot pick sessions soon!


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