How to: Exectue a ConfigMgr 2012 Auto Deployment Rule (ADR)

Here’s a quick example for how to initiate an ADR using PowerShell:

(gwmi sms_autodeployment -namespace root\sms\site_cas -computer MyServer -filter "Name='FEP Updates'").EvaluateAutoDeployment()

Replace CAS with your site code, and MyServer with the server name. My ADR is “FEP Updates”, so replace that with the desired ADR to run. Remember that ADRs are dependent on the WSUS synchronization, so if you re-evaluate the ADR without a new WSUS synchronization, you may not see any change in your ADR.

If you really want to party, and desire to re-run all ADRs, run the following command:

gwmi sms_autodeployment -namespace root\sms\site_cas -computer MyServer | foreach-object {$_.EvaluateAutoDeployment()}

This will find all ADRs, and call the EvaluateAutoDeployment method on each one.
Happy Scripting,