Proof of Concept Jumpstart Kit v3.0 available for download

I evaluated version 2.0, and must admit, I was impressed. This is a great learning tool – take a look at the links below to see all the products that are covered (MDT, App-V, Win7, just to name a few.)

About the PoC Jumpstart Kit v3.0:

This self-contained, self-service kit will help you complete a Proof-of -Concept (PoC) at your organization, allowing you to quickly evaluate the new Microsoft desktop technologies, including Windows 7 SP1, Office 2010 Pro Plus, Internet Explorer 9, and Application Virtualization with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack technology App-V. It will also familiarize you with some of the important deployment tools provided by Microsoft to assist with your broader deployment efforts. This PoC is not meant to be a comprehensive training mechanism but rather an introductory set of modules to familiarize you with tools and technologies.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll find a decent amount of documentation presented in a “self-paced lab” format. Very handy to walk through.

Download v3.0:

Visit the PoC Jumpstart home page: